Perkins Parts: Maintenance Products

Our maintenance products are designed with you in mind, to help lower your overall operating and owning costs. We provide genuine parts that are specifically designed to

1. Filters

a. Air Filters : for peace of mind buy Perkins genuine air filters.

* Perkins air Filter are manufactured to the original equipment specification.
* Filters are specified as engines are designed and developed.
In effective filtration is a major cause of accelerated turbo and cylinder component wear, which can be costly to repair.

b. Fuel Filters : for peace of mind buy Perkins genuine fuel filters.

* Perkins fuel filters are manufactured to the original equipment specification.
* Filters are specified are specified as engines are designed and developed.
Poor fuel fitration/ water separation causes the majority of fuel injection pump failure. 99 percent of fuel injection pumps that require replacing, have suffered from fuel contamination.
Dirt and water in fuel could cause the following damage to your engine.
* Fuel injection pump failure
* Dirty and Blocked nozzles
* Excessive smoke
* Reduced engine performance
* Piston damage due to faulty injectors
….. can you afford to take the risk?

c. Oil Filters : may be a small part of your engine, but they are an essential oart of your engine. They work hard to protect your engine by removing any contaminents that would otherwise damage your engines internal components.

For peace of mind buy Perkins genuine fuel filters.

* Our oil filters are manufactured to the original equipment specification.
* Filters are specified as engines are designed and developed.
* Perkins oil filters have Anti-drain back valves to prevent oil draining backensuring your engine contains oils, where required from initial start up.
* By pass vales are included in our oil filters protecting your engine, by allowing oil to circulate even when the filter becomes blocked.
* Perkins has a complete understanding of all of your engine requirements.

2. Water Pumps

Our water pumps have been designed specifically for your engine application and have undergone extensive performance testin. They include all the required gaskets and seals needed to fit the part.
Our genuine Perkins water pumps, offer you:
a. Correct coolant flow and pressure matched to the engine’s requirements ensuring your engine’s performance is not compromised.
b. High quality ceramic cartridge seals and sealed bearings – improving the service life of the component.

c. Latest specification components guaranteeing your engine’s optimum efficiency.

3. Gaskets

Gaskets are integral parts within an engine and are fitted between most non-rotatinf parts. Our gasketes are designed to:

a. Seal against exhaust and cylinder temperatures up to 750oC
b. Seal against oil, water and coolant up to 130oC
c. Withstand ambient temperaturs as low as -40oC
d. Seal against gassep up to 2250psi
e. Withstand the movement of the components adjacent to the gasket
Non genuine gaskets could be made of below spec material, have incorrect thickness and have inadequate fit, which could risk expensive repair, limit engineperformance and cause downtime.

Non genuine gasket can cause:

a. Water loss – causes an engine to overheat and result in damage.
b. Rapid component wear due to dirt entering or cross over between oil and coolant.
c. Oil leaks causing high oil consuption or potential piston seizure

4. Thermostats

Thermostats are essential for regulating the flow of coolant around the engine. A non genuine thermostat could potentially cause your engine to overheat and seize. It is essential to prevent an enginefromoverheating and from overcooling.
Perkins thermostats are made with you in mind, and are designed to carfully control the flow of coolant. Respectiveof the increasing engine temperature, the thermostat closes the baypass hole and allows the coolant to flow into the radiator and cool the engine.

5. Consumables

Perkins Engine Oil


Perkins Extended Life Coolant (ELC)
Perkins ELC premix is supplied in 20 litre drums, which contain 50 percentELC and 50 percent totally purified water.

We want to bring you top performance, which is why our ELC exceeds ASTM D4985 and ASTM D5345 stardard for heavy duty, low silicate anti- freeze/coolant and ASTM D3306 and ASTM D4656 for automotive applications.
Our ELC is designed to lower your owning and operating costs by extending drain intervals. This reducesthe cost of coolant and additives by as much as 80 percent over conventional heavy-duty coolants. Perkins ELC provides maximum protecyion of metals including, aluminum, copper, brass, steel, solder and cast iron.

Benefits our ELC will give you:

a. ELC premix formula guarantees that the local water quality does not compromise the coolant performance of life, no risk of hard water scale or incorrect concentration mix. Eliminating concerns of hard water scale improving seal life.
b. Anti-freeze to 37oC and Anti-boil properties reduce damage from steam in the cooling system.
c. Reduces engine coolant and additive costs by as much as 500 percent compared to conventional coolants. It eliminates the need for supplemental coolant additives, extends coolant change-out intervals and reduces disposal requirements, as well as being recyclable.
d. Incorporates an advanced formula technology with organic acid additive corrosion inhibitors, such as a combination of mono and dicarboxylates for maximum protection of copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron and aluminium. Offers outstanding protection against cylinder liner cavitation corrosion.